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Unboxing Altar Quest

When Athena and I were discussing what new features we could add to our website now that it's rising in popularity, it suddenly hit us. We don't have any unboxing videos like all our respected colleagues have. Sure, we don't have any videos period, but we could absolutely do the equivalent in pictures. No brains required. Everybody loves them!

Last Friday the doorbell rang and an enormous box was left 1,5 metres outside my door. With some difficulty I managed to get it inside and with even more difficulty up the stairs.

The size is 47 centimeters (18,5 inches) on all sides. It weighed too many kilos (about 2.2 times as much in pounds). As far as I could see it had not been badly damaged or mismanaged during transport. I put it down in the "game room" (that is also our television room, spare room, my wife's work-from-home-during-covid room and the only room where we could put wardrobes for our clothes). A short time to catch my breath, then I opened it.

The games were packaged real well. Bubble wrap, plastic cushion stuff. Great. I appreciate it when a shipping firm takes their job seriously and makes sure the goods arrive at your place without a scratch.

All packing materials are 100% recycable.

Now more than ever durability and environmentally friendly are not just buzzwords that make your company look good, but the bare necessities for our species survival. There was enough plastic in my box to produce at least a left shoe for a Third World child, and it always gives me a warm feeling when I fill my garbage container.

Anyway, back upstairs to take the bubble wrap off. I folded it and put it near my to-sell pile of games, for reuse. Then I lifted Altar Quest off the floor and put it on display (next to Ticket to Ride for size comparison).

It looks really, really good on the table. I can't wait to put it on my shelves.

Well. I hope you enjoyed this. Please join us next week, when we will be unboxing a modern classic: Mint Works.

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