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Ugly Gryphon Inn is live

Ugly Gryphon Inn, the second game in the Simply Solo series by Scott Almes and Button Shy Games, is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 11 days. The standard pledge gets you a copy of the game with the More Patrons expansion. For a little more, you can also get the Local Dragons expansion. If you already have the previous Simply Solo game, Food Chain Island, you may add the Lost Beasts expansion. There is also the option to acquire both Ugly Gryphon Inn and Food Chain Island and all their expansions, as well as the Button Shy carrier bag.

Image source: Kickstarter page

In Ugly Gryphon Inn, your goal is to fill 7 rooms of your inn with visitors. Every visitor has specific requirements and things that irk them, so accommodating them won't be so easy. You begin the game by drawing 4 patrons from the deck and placing them at the 'bar'. One of these patrons will go to sleep. You take their card and place it on the side, to form a column that represents the inn's floors. Then, you check this patron's card to see what irks them. If they are indeed irked, you resolve the effect. As you place more patrons into rooms, effects will be triggered and some of them will decide to leave.

Image source: Kickstarter page

You then refill the bar with a new patron and check their icons. If there are 3 matching icons on them, then all patrons with that icon become irked. You resolve the effects and continue in this way until the deck runs out. If you have less than 7 patrons in the rooms, you lose. You also lose if your ever have 7 patrons leave at the same time.

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