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Two of Cops

Buddy Cop is a 1-2 player cooperative hand management and dice rolling game set in the same universe as Blacklist Games' previous release, Brook City. It is currently available for pre-order from Blacklist Games' website, and a retail release will follow.

Image source: Blacklist Games website

The game comes with 2 cops you can play as (Ricky Lu and Kat Larson), and 3 different criminal organizations you have to take out. On each round, you will first spawn two or four (depending on if you play with one or two cops) criminals, each on the location designated on their card. You place your cop(s) on the location of your choice and start with a hand of four cards. You can play the first card on your player board for free, but if you prefer to play one of the other cards, you have to pay a cost in grid tokens. Each card gives you two options: either to play it as 'Encounter' and roll the specified dice, or as 'Prepare' and receive a number of tokens.

Image source: Blacklist Games website

When you play the Encounter ability, you roll the dice shown on your card to target the criminal in your location. The success of the roll is affected by modifiers such as the criminal's influence tokens or the cop's hunch tokens. To defeat a criminal, you have to roll up to or above their attack value. To move from one location to another, you have to discard 'cover' tokens. If you cannot play all four of your cards, any remaining ones will slide to the left of your player board, and you will fill the rest of the spots with new ones from your deck.

On the enemy's turn, each criminal will activate according to the icons on their card, dealing damage to the cops and moving to other locations. Location cards activate next: you execute the instructions written on the location cards. To win the game, you must defeat the boss.

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