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Trudvang Lemons

Trudvang. The stuff of legend.

It's just over one year now that CMON's narrative co-op Trudvang Legends funded on Kickstarter. A game where your actions change both the environment and the story, taking place in a fantasy setting of Nordic mystery and dark horror. After 30 updates about the progress on minis, adventures, minis, the map, minis, combat, and minis, and just three months before delivery, CMON had to announce the inevitable delay. This would be no surprise, it happens with large and small Kickstarter projects. Something held up in production, some logistics problems to sort out. The corona crisis. Except, this time it's different. Trudvang Legends is postponed because they don't have a game.

They do have an idea for new minis, though. These will be added to all pledges for free.

New 3D Points of Interest tokens. Image source: Kickstarter Update #92

It was a very brave update, by the way. Giving us a clear insight on how the company works. They describe how they collected 1.5 million dollars by presenting some - in hindsight - wild ideas (and minis), but had no clue how to follow this up. So, shortly before the delivery date, they pulled their heads out of the sand and hired a team of professionals to sort out their mess. Two boardgame and roleplay designers were hired to give the story focus. A writer of choose-your-own-adventure books was hired to write a new story based on their findings. A Trudvang loremaster was added to the team to check accuracy to the lore. Cartographers designer Jordy Adan got promoted to Lead Developer. He has already announced changes to combat and to the way XP worked, to make the game slightly interesting to play.

Backers applaud CMON for their openness and honesty. I mean, nobody would have minded getting a few boxes full of minis in December, but a working game is a nice unexpected bonus. Of course we'll wait until 2022. So many CMON campaigns to back in the meantime.

We are Trudvang!

Some day.

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