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1941: Race to Moscow is live (Triumph of the wheel)

Update: 1941: Race to Moscow is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 23 days. There is only one pledge tier and it provides you the game plus the Axis Aircraft expansion with three aircraft and one ship minis.

Image source: BGG

Our preview post below was published on November 17.


1941: Race to Moscow is a 1-4 player* euro wargame that reimplements the 2014 release, 1944: Race to the Rhine. The latter had the players racing to supply the allied forces with ammo, fuel, and food. This time, you have to feed the Nazis.

The game seeks to recreate Operation Barbarossa: the invasion of the Soviet Union with the aim to conquer territory, gain control of oil and agricultural resources, commit ethnic cleansing, and use people as slave workers. With these noble causes in mind, you may try to see if you can do better than the actual historical outcome.

You begin the game with one of three German forces: two motorized and one infantry. These are fully supplied at first with nice little plastic crates and sacks. Extra supplies will arrive by plane, trucks, ships and trains (all miniatures). Soviet forces are lined right in front of the Germans. When combat occurs, you draw cards that tell you how many resources are expended. If you have the required supplies to win the card, you progress to the designated space, and may also earn a medal (medals count towards victory).

In the solo mode, the player will have to face three opposing bots, and choose between two levels of difficulty. The game will go live on Kickstarter tomorrow, November 18. You may wish to check the Kickstarter Preview.

*The campaign says 1-3,5 players. This means that a novice player can play the Soviets.

Image source: BGG

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