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Tramways: Adelaide/Shanghai maps are live

A double-sided map board for the 1-5 player pick up-and-deliver game Tramways is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 25 days.

In the solo mode of Tramways, you are trying to create a network of tramways to connect residential and commercial areas on a map, construct buildings, move passengers, and ultimately make the citizens happy. You are scoring happiness points in the end (trying to beat your previous score), but some of the actions you perform are causing stress, thus deducting from your total. Gameplay is based on multi-use cards that you have to manage and use in the most effective way possible.

This expansion is bringing two new city maps: Shanghai and Adelaide in the early 1920s. Each of these comes with a few new rules/restrictions such as performing less actions per turn or increasing your stress in Shanghai, and having new types of districts in Adelaide.

If you already own the base game and previous expansions, you may just pledge for the new maps. Otherwise, you can get all the expansions in a bundle or go all-in for the full Tramways experience.

Image source: Kickstarter

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