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Tokyo Sidekick is live

Cooperative deckbuilding superhero game Tokyo Sidekick launched on Kickstarter this week, and the campaign will still run for 14 days. You can pledge for the base game, include an expansion or splash out on acrylic standees.

Tokyo Sidekick setup
Image source: Kickstarter campaign page

For solo you play two handed, picking two teams of one superhero and one sidekick each. You have a starting deck of cards with Power, Speed and Concentration that you'll use for actions. Also, your characters all have their special abilities. During the game incidents will happen on the map of Tokyo, giving your heroes problems to solve. Villains will appear, and if you don't beat them, you'll take hits by receiving damage cards (useless cards that clog up your deck). Whenever you beat them though, you gain experience that you can use to buy upgrade cards or to start using gadgets.

After you've beaten two villains and two supervillains, a Menace will appear for the final showdown. You'll have to fight the immortal monk Fuji Sengen, Dōkan the Castle of Darkness or King Kaiju.

Tokyo Sidekick Menaces
Image source: Tokyo Sidekick rulebook

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