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Astroforce: The Dice Game is live (To boldly roll)

Update: Astroforce: The Dice Game is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 18 days. The Commander pledge gets you the base game, and the Captain pledge adds the Away Team expansion. A flatpack dice tray is among the add-ons. More content may be unlocked as stretch goals if the game funds.

Image source: Kickstarter campaign

Our preview post below was published on 26 February.


Astroforce: The Dice Game is a solo and co-operative dice placement game in which you try to complete missions while surviving the dangers of space. You can also spend dice on researching developments, for one-time use or more permanent ship upgrades. The Kickstarter launch is on 27 February, both the base game and the Away Team-expansion will be available.

Image source: Word Forge Games Facebook page

Gameplay may look familiar. 2016 Golden Geek Best Print & Play Board Game-winner Star Trek: The Dice Game was based on another P&P-game: Deep Space D6. It added more options to use your worker dice, and a narrative campaign. The game put you on the USS Enterprise during its five year mission of exploration. You went to investigate distress calls, deliver medical supplies, escort vessels etc. Then Klingon and Romulan ships would attack and of course the teleporter malfunctioned or the warp drive went offline at exactly the wrong time, but hopefully characters from The Original Series would show up to help out. As licensing the Star Trek setting was a bit problematic, the game was re-themed, but rules and mechanics stayed the same for Astroforce.

Here's a preview for if you're unfamiliar with the predecessors:

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