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Time Traveling with Ravensburger

Back to the Future: Dice Through Time is a 2-4 player cooperative dice rolling game inspired by the 1985 'Back to the Future' movie. The game is playable solo by controlling multiple characters, and is available to pre-order from Target in the US. Retail release in Europe and the rest of the world will follow soon.

Image source: BGG

Your goal in Dice Through Time is to travel in different time periods, find items that Biff stole, and return them where they belong. On each turn, you first draw a number of Event cards (three in a 2 player game) and resolve them. If an Event card shows a specific year, you place the card in that year track, and if it has a Biff icon, you move the Biff standee onto the card. Then, you roll your heroes' dice (every player is Doc Brown and Marty) and perform actions according to the results.

These dice may allow you, for example, to move the DeLorean, or to remove Time Paradox tokens from the board, or time travel from one year to any other year. Dice can also be spent to resolve Events. If Biff is standing on the Event card, however, you have to remove him by rolling a fist on the dice. When you clear an Event, you draw an Item card from that year and keep it. The Item will then have to be returned to its place of origin.

Image source: BGG

In the next phase, the 'OutaTime' marker moves forward as many spaces as the maximum total number of Event cards and Time Paradox tokens you have on a year. If the time marker reaches the end, you lose the game. Time Paradox tokens are added if there are unresolved Events on the timeline that last moved the OutaTime marker, and are removed when the Events are resolved. Once you return all the Items to their proper location, you win.

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