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Time Traveling with Funko Games

Back to the Future: Back in Time is a 2-4 player cooperative dice rolling game inspired by the 1985 'Back to the Future' movie. The game is playable solo by controlling multiple characters, and has just been released in shops in the US. Retail release in Europe and the rest of the world will follow soon.

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In Back to the Future: Back in Time, you are playing as either Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Marty's girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, or as Einstein, the dog. Your goal is to place the DeLorean car in the right space on the board at the end of the game, and also make sure Marty's parents, George and Lorraine, fall in love with each other so that Marty can be born in the future.

Each character has Power tiles on their board that they can activate to either move or roll dice. On each turn, you first move the marker on the Turn tracker one space forward and resolve the icons it shows. For example, you may draw a Trouble card and place it on the designated location on the board. Or you may draw a Movement card that makes you move George or Lorraine, as well as the enemy in the game, Biff. When Biff enters the same space as them, he stops. If there is extra movement that he doesn't perform, you have to deduct a point from the George and Lorraine love meter. If the Turn tracker requires to check the love meter, and Marty's parents are not in love yet, their picture fades.

Image source: BGG

When you are on the same location on the board as George and/or Lorraine, you may take one of them with you and move elsewhere. Otherwise, when you are with the two of them together, you may roll dice to influence their love interest and hopefully raise the love meter. The cardboard Clock Tower building on the board can be used as a dice tower.

When the Turn tracker reaches the end, if you have collected the parts to repair the DeLorean and moved it where it gets hit by lightning, and if the love meter shows love, you win the game. If all sections of the picture inside the love meter are flipped face down, or if the DeLorean is not parked where it should be, you lose.

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