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Throw colours in the air

Update March 17: Holi has launched on Kickstarter, but the creators decided to release it as a 2-4 player game. They commented that the solo mode was not complete at the time of launch, so they removed it.


Floodgate Games knows how to make visually appealing games (Sagrada, Bosk), and this time they are taking things one step further with the 1-4 player area control and pattern building game, Holi: Festival of Colours. It is launching on Kickstarter on March 17.

Holi is an Indian festival that takes place every year in mid March, and signifies the arrival of spring, and the triumph of good over evil. To celebrate, people throw coloured powder to each other but in the game, you will be messing up your (AI) opponent just by stealing their points.

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Holi comes with a three-tiered board, the top two tiers of which are transparent. You begin the game in one of the corners of the bottom tier, and draw a card. The card shows a pattern that you have to follow by placing tokens on the corresponding spaces. As you move to the upper tiers, when you place a powder token on a transparent square, you look at the tier below it, and if you see there is no token in the same space below, you move the token down (thematically works like throwing powder in the air and seeing it land on various spots).

You will be doing this until the card deck runs out, or the colour tokens run out. Then, you score points: one for every token at the bottom, two for every token in the middle, three for the top. Solo rules remain to be seen.

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