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There ain't no cure for the Wintertime Blues

Now the days are getting darker, I find myself in front of an energy light first thing every morning. Playing simple games for an hour. One of those is Palm Island, because every little bit helps. I prefer to wake up in these virtual sunny surroundings right now.

The game can supposedly be played in your hand, but I fail miserably in that. Cards drop out all the time.

You go through a small deck of cards 8 times. Storing resources, using them to upgrade buildings, working your way to the victory points. It's beat your own score in solo mode, but for games like that I always set my own win conditions. Scoring over 30 is called "exceptional", so that's my win condition. Then there are "feats" or achievements in solo play, like "score 30 points" or "upgrade all your cards to level 2". Trying to reach those adds some extra fun. For each achievement you are rewarded with a special feat card to add to the deck for future plays.

Will I play this game after I've unlocked all feat cards? Probably not. Until then, Palm Island is a nice start of the day. Kind of wish I was there though.

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