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The Waiting Game

When I was young, so much younger than today, I already was crazy about dice. Custom dice, coloured dice, big dice, small dice, with dots or numbers - all dice. So whenever a designer put a dice game on Kickstarter, I'd be overly interested and enthusiastic in advance.

One of those games was Diceborn Heroes. It funded in May 2017. It was by a first time creator, but I don't mind that. In fact, I like to support beginner designers in making their dream come through. He said fulfillment would be in December 2017 already. Too optimistic?

As a backer of some poor or mismanaged projects I understand what the issues can be getting things out. That's why I picked a solid reputable manufacturer along with setting up a fulfillment agency, the game itself is complete (...)


At the end of August, everything was still on track for December delivery. The backerkit closed at the beginning of September. Unfortunately, some stretch goals needed extra artwork done, and schedules conflicted. So in November we got the traditional update informing us of unfortunate delays. Like always, Chinese New Year was a bit of a bummer as well, so fulfillment was now planned for March 2018. Then June 2018.

Yeah, but no. As in May we were told that the campaign had been a bit complicated, containing extra stuff like a dice tower, tokens and promo cards that not everybody had ordered. So the card files all had to be changed again, to be better prepared for the SKU's (I had to look this one up). Oh, and the rulebook wasn't finished yet. So, November 2018?

Nah. The pre-production copy however did arrive in December, so we could count on fulfillment in the beginning of 2019. In 2019: production will start after Chinese New Year, so fulfillment by Quartermaster Logistics in May or June. Except. When the games left China in July 2019 at last, the creator had kind of run out of money. So Backerkit was reopened. Not just for new late pledges, but also for a new small expansion to raise extra funds.

August 2019. Games had arrived. Wait, reading between the lines: had arrived in Canada? Was he going to send them out from Canada? This project was supposed to be EU friendly.

All copies are going to be delivered from shipping centers in Canada, The US, and in Europe. To help reduce customs holdups and get it into your hands with limited trouble.

Backers asked questions about it on Kickstarter and by mail. Nobody got an answer.

"Early shipping" was offered to those who would cover the costs. And a few hundred backers got their game in 2019. Not around here. I stopped reading the Kickstarter updates. I was aware of the pledge manager opening again early this year, so everybody would be able to pay extra shipping costs. Which is only fair, why only offer this for early shipping.

The years passed. My hair turned grey. I needed hip surgery. Got admitted to a nursing home. An old Tubes song became my anthem.

I don't want to wait anymore I just don't think I have the strength The strength to carry on Oh, I don't want to wait anymore I waited so long, forgot what I'm waiting for

Then finally, it arrived. I cried hot tears when the UPS guy rang. I coughed up another 30 euros taxes and handling. Euro-friendly my wrinkled grey ass.

I put it in the walker and shambled back inside. Found a proper place for it. I sat down on my couch and closed my eyes. The waiting game was over. I could die in peace.

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