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The splendor of artisanal life

Artisans of Splendent Vale is a 2-4 player cooperative narrative adventure game with an emphasis on representation: the designer, Nikki Valens, chose to honour people of colour, transgender people, and people with disabilities and mental health issues through the game's cast of characters. Players will get the chance to explore the characters' individual stories as well as the Vale itself and the challenges they have to face as a team.

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The protagonists are artisans working with the Vale's natural resources and crafting items with the matter found after the fall of meteor showers. The material's magical power helps the artisans enhance the artifacts they create which they can then use in their quests across the land. The four protagonists are Harinya the apothecary, Farah the tailor, Javi the artificer, and Soraya the mason.

The campaign is story-driven, and determined by the choices of the players. Most action scenes -combat and chase- take place on separate maps and require teamwork powered through a common dice pool. In-between adventures, each character can experience development and grow their skills by following short personalized interludes. The game is soloable by playing at least two characters.

This is all the information we have available for now. The full reveal is expected on September 21, on Kickstarter.

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