The Seal of Disapproval: March Crowdfunding Grumpy

JW: I don't remember allowing pets in here, what's this? I nearly stepped on it. Eeww, it smells!

Athena: It's cute.

JW: You know you'll have to feed it, right?

Athena: (throwing a fish): Catch! Good boy.

You know we needed one. I'm really fed up with all the campaigns that don't give us any info about gameplay or solo rules. It takes me hours of research to end up with nothing. And if we don't write an announcement, the fans complain about us ignoring those games on purpose.

JW: I guess you're right. But man, that smell.

Athena: You'll get used to it. (throws another fish) Yes, again, good one! (yells after the fish) So, You've Been Eaten.

JW: 🙄

Athena: It was the first game I used the seal on this week. It should have been published over a year ago and still no info. We'll find out when it's live on Kickstarter, like everybody else.

JW: Yes, I had that problem with Aeon's End: Legacy of Gravehold. Wasn't able to write an announcement until the day after it launched. Not even the live date had been shared. "Solitaire Times: you read it here last". Give me one of those fish. (throws it) Oh. Ehm, is he able to go to the balcony by himself?

Athena: Anyway. March. Springtime. Will you visit the Keukenhof?