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The Landing: Gallipoli 1915 is live

The Landing: Gallipoli 1915 is a solitaire card and dice game about the Australian and New Zealand forces landing on the Gallipoli peninsula in WW1, as part of the Entente campaign to capture Constantinople and take control of the straits. It is now live on Kickstarter and it will run for 16 days. You may pledge for one or multiple copies of the game, or order it as PnP.

Image source: Kickstarter page

In The Landing, you are playing as a lower rank Australian army officer. With the aid of the New Zealand and Indian assisting forces, you will try to take hold of the area. The game lasts for 3 rounds, with 4 phases each: ANZAC phase, Ottoman phase, Close Combat phase, and Journal phase.

During the ANZAC phase, you must play one of your ANZAC cards and perform actions: you may either Advance or Rally. To advance, you will roll a die and advance that many troops on the next terrain card, minus the terrain difficulty. To rally, you choose one terrain card without Ottomans on it, and roll a die. If you roll equal to or over 2, you can de-stress a stressed soldier.

In the Ottoman phase, you flip over an Ottoman card and execute its instructions. The Close Combat phase happens when there are both ANZAC and Ottoman troops on the same card. You roll a die and inflict hits according to the result. A hit to the ANZAC soldiers makes them unnerved, and a second hit removes them from the game. Ottomans die immediately. In the Journal phase, you may write down what happened during the round. You win by being the only surviving side on the last terrain card.

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