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The Inmates are Running from the Asylum

Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum is a 1-5 players dungeon crawler in which you play as villains from the Batman universe, trying to escape the infamous Arkham Asylum – and the masked vigilante as well, of course. The campaign for the game will be live on Kickstarter on October 26.

Image source: BGG

The game features a series of scenarios called “escape plans”, with randomly generated maps and a set of objectives you must fulfill to succeed escaping the asylum. Maps are made of tiles featuring squares (corridors) and hexes (rooms). The escape plan may require you to craft specific items, from components you must gather all over the map.

You then pick a character, each character having a set of abilities that makes them unique. You can upgrade your abilities in the course of the game by overcoming specific objectives. Each character may also craft unique weapons with the items they find.

Image source: game's website

The game is played over a limited number of rounds, and you must successfully escape before it is over. Each round is divided into three phases: the Player phase, the Adversary phase, and the End phase.

In the Player phase, you have six action points to spend for moving, crafting, reducing the Alarm level and fighting. Fighting is resolved with dice rolling, and you can also use your abilities to twist the outcome of the fight. You track the Alarm level on a dedicated board, and it has three regions: green, yellow, and red. When the Alarm level enters the yellow region, adversaries get tougher. When it enters the red region, Batman arrives and will try to hunt you down.

In the Adversary phase, players act as the enemies and can behave to maximally hinder their escapee mates, although how this works solo is unclear. Adversaries will spawn on specific and known locations that have been highlighted with a “Nail!” marker over the course of the game, so you know where to expect trouble.

The End phase is mostly a wrap-up.

You win by fulfilling the escape plan, but then only the villain with the most Infamy Points can claim to be the true plague of Gotham City!

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1 Comment

Cadet Stimpy
Cadet Stimpy
Oct 28, 2021

BGG says 2023 for the game. Dang, that's some advance notice.

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