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The head of Medusa... and you have 10 days...

A jealous, possessive son, who doesn't want to let his mother marry the king. A Gorgon with snakes instead of hair, and eyes that turn into stone anyone who dares look into them. Three immortal old hags who can only see through a detached eye that they take turns using. Welcome to ancient Greek mythology!

Image source: The Journey of Perseus pdf

Perhaps you remember our recent news post about the Kickstarter launch of Kleos. Jim Kavanaugh, the designer, had promised to put out solo scenarios and indeed, he released the first one a few days ago. In The Journey of Perseus - part 1, you will take on the role of the demigod Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae (his father came down on Danae in the form of golden rain... but let's not digress).

The King Polydectes who wishes to get rid of Perseus so that he can approach Danae, sends him on a quest to retrieve the head of Medusa. This won't be easy, as the king is also sending paid assassins to get in the hero's way, but Athena and Hermes are on Perseus' side.

In gameplay terms, you will start with a hand of three cards (Ambrosia and 2 Twist of Fate) and four minions on the board. You will also place opposing minions, the Medusa boss, and the temples of Hermes and Athena on specific spots.

Image source: The Journey of Perseus pdf

Your first stop will be the temple of Hermes, where you will try to consult the Graeae (old hags). As they are not exactly friendly, you will try to snatch their precious eye. If you do, the hags give you Hermes' winged sandals so they can have their eye back. The adventure continues with an encounter with the Nymphs and a visit to the temple of Athena, where you will receive her protective Aegis.

You will roll dice, lose hoplite companions and make tough choices along the way, until you reach Medusa. If you die, or haven't killed Medusa by the end of the 10th day, or cannot discard a card/sacrifice a hoplite when required to, you lose the game. If you win, Jim will soon release part 2 of the journey and 7 more scenarios for you to go through. An AI opponent that will allow you to play against the gods is also in the works.

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