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The Great Chase is live

The Great Chase is an action-management and dice rolling game for 1-6 players in which you try to solve plane crashes and pursue diplomatic missions around the world. The theme and the characters are inspired by the Miranda Chase series of books. The game is now live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 20 days. You may pledge for a standard or a Deluxe copy of the game, or choose the higher pledge tiers to collaborate with the designer.

Image source: BGG

First, you pick a mission pack, of which there are four, one for each difficulty level. Each mission pack has 10 cards you will have to solve during the game. You also pick a team of 3 to 6 characters. Each character has specific stats values for movement (how far they move on their turn), crew (how many other characters the character can carry along while moving), accidents and ambushes, to solve the crashes.

The game lasts for 10 rounds. In each round, you reveal a mission card. The mission card spawns tasks on the board, which consists of 12 locations in a row, the “time zones”. There are two types of tasks, crashes and diplomatic missions. To fulfill a mission, you must resolve a number of tasks specified by the mission.

Image source: Kickstarter

Each round consists of two phases: Navigate and Solve. In the Navigate phase, you may move your character across the board by as much as their movement stat. They can also bring another character or a diplomatic card along, if they have the capacity for it (given by their ‘crew’ stat). In the Solve phase, the characters try to resolve one of the tasks at the location they occupy. To resolve a diplomatic card, they must have picked it up during the Navigate phase and have ended their movement at the location specified by the card. To resolve a crash card, you roll a die, add their skill values (accidents and ambushes), as well as other modifiers from the cards, and obtain two totals, one for accidents, one for ambushes. The crash card features one number for each: if you equal or beat any of these, you solve the task. If multiple characters are at a location, they all roll, and you pick the highest roll.

If you manage to fulfill the 10 missions within 10 rounds, you get a perfect score! Otherwise, you lose points for each remaining task on the board and each unfulfilled mission.

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