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The Exiled: Siege (and Butchers expansion) is live

The Exiled: Siege is a 1-5 player tower defense game originally published in 2016. It is now returning to Kickstarter for a reprint and the addition of a 3-card hero expansion called The Butchers. The campaign will run for 11 days, and you either get just the new expansion, or the expansion plus a couple of previous expansions, or the core game and all its expansions.

The game can be played either in PvP mode, defender against attacker, or in solo/co-op mode as the defending side against an attacking AI. The defenders are outlaws, exiled by the king in a piece of land they have been ordered to turn into a city. If they succeed, they will be pardoned. This is not a no-man's land, however, and native populations don't like intruders.

Image source: BGG

In gameplay terms, this means that each side has a deck of cards which they use to build fortifications, train soldiers, and add siege engines. The solo/co-op mode comes with 12 scenarios, two of which have you play as the attacker. As the game goes by, you will be adding tiles on the board that show upgraded buildings, walls and towers. The scenarios are designed to up the difficulty as you progress.

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Image source: BGG

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