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The Diversity of Life

Our Solitaire Select for January is APEX Theropod Deck Building Game: Collected Edition. The reprint campaign is on Kickstarter right now and will run for another 15 days. I own a previous edition and Athena is very excited to get this one later this year. APEX Collected Edition includes the base game and all expansions in one box. Card quality will be improved (black core, linen finish) and the rule book will be updated.

In this game you will take your dino deck and fight one of the many included bosses to prove once and for all who's the baddest dinosaur - and then of course the asteroid hits.

You may take on the Spinosaurus, that kills your toughest fighters during the game. And when you meet the boss, it steals the animals you'd hunted down and makes sure that every time it gets hit, you'll get hit harder.

Or maybe you'll try to beat the pesky Velociraptors that steal your eggs and hatchlings during the game, then shower you with small wounds in the end fight.

The Allosaurus may be next, it shrugs off any small wound so you will have to prepare for a long fight and then hit hard.

Not only the bosses have their own abilities. Your playable dino decks are all different as well. Some will fight in groups, some from an ambush, some will get stronger when they're wounded, some get bonuses when they're evolved. Every game the environment cards, weather effect etc. that will be in play for a round, will be a different selection. Every time the prey cards you can hunt to grow stronger, will be another selection.

There is so much variety in this box. There are 14x15 = 210 fights to be done. And though I've got a headstart, it will take a long time before I'm done.

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