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The Darkness threatens your dicey tribe in the new expansion to Unearth

The lost tribe expansion to the dice placement game Unearth is hitting the stores tomorrow, and adds a solo mode to it, that you can play as single session or campaign (seven scenarios).

In the base game, each player is the leader of a tribe of delvers. These delvers are in fact dice that the player rolls and places on cards to claim ruins or earn stones, in a quest to find and restore lost cities of the past.

In the solo game, your tribe is fighting against an AI called the Darkness. As every dice game needs a pasted-on theme, here is the storyline: your tribe had once somehow discovered the Darkness but managed to bound its magic into the stones. Now the evil has freed itself, and you need to bury it back inside or be lost forever.

Image source: Brotherwise Games Facebook page

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