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Tournament Fishing is live (The best fish in the pond)

Update: Tournament Fishing: The Deckbuilding Game is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 29 days. You may pledge for a standard copy of the game, or get the game and the Night Fishing expansion, or go for the exclusive wooden box edition that includes a playmat, sleeves and wooden dice.

Our preview post below was published on September 2.


Tournament Fishing: The Deckbuilding Game is a 1-4 player competitive, solo and co-op game in which you are trying to catch the biggest and best fish. It was originally released through The Game Crafter in 2017, and will now launch on Kickstarter on September 7.

Image source: BGG (previous version of the game)

In the solo mode, you are playing against the Angler AI. To set up the game, you will draw 5 cards from the Baitshop deck and place them face-up on the table to serve as a "market". Under the market row, you will place five piles of 8 face-down Lake cards each. You shuffle the Fight deck and the Clock deck, and start with a hand of 6 cards from your personal deck of 10 cards.

In each round, you first flip over a card from the Clock deck to see what the AI is going to do. It may, for example, buy a card from the Baitshop market and also discard or catch fish from the Lake. On your turn, you begin with the Search phase: you check the top card of the Clock deck and scan a Lake spot if the card says so. Scanning means that you reveal a card from the Lake to see if it interests you. Then you proceed to the Cast phase and play cards from your hand. You must play a Lure card, you may play one Cast card and you may also add more cards if you wish.

Image source: BGG

Depending on the number of fishing rods you have on the cards you played, you will reveal that many cards from the Lake. If you reveal a fish, you may try to catch it by adding a Hook card to your played cards to boost your strength. You then flip over as many cards from the Fight deck as shown on the fish card, and if you can match the Fight card symbols with the symbols you have on your own cards, you have caught the fish. The Lure you used is lost and goes to the Baitbucket. You can then use your leftover cards as money to buy new cards from the market, and draw a new hand of cards to continue in the next round.

When you reach the last card in the Clock deck, the tournament is over. You compare your fish score with that of the AI's to determine the winner.

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