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Tales From The Loop: The Board Game is live

Tales From The Loop: The Board Game is a 1-5 player cooperative adventure game set in the dystopian '80s world of the Tales From the Loop RPG. It is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 30 days. You may pledge for either the Standard or the Deluxe edition. The Deluxe edition comes with pre-painted miniatures.

Image source: Kickstarter page

The game comes with four scenarios. The basic premise is that a group of teenagers in 1980s Sweden has set out to investigate the strange phenomena caused by the Loop: an underground science facility. Each character has their own skill and weakness, and comes with a 'chore' card: a task they need to carry out. In the morning, they have to go to school. You draw a card from the school deck that shows an event, and perform the required skill check. Characters can help each other by contributing dice to the dice pool. Then, you have to check if the machines on the board are going to move. You do this by combining symbols from the current and the previous card from the school deck.

When school is out, the kids go adventuring. To activate them, you place each character's tokens on their personal board and take the designated actions. You may move, scout for rumours or investigate the rumours. At the end of the day, the kids have to return home for dinner. If they solve the mystery within the set time, they win the game.

There is a basic PnP version available to download for free.

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