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Hour of Need is live (Super modular)

Hour of Need is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 20 days. The pledges are arranged in tiers: you may back a standalone game for 2 players, or the 4-player core game, or go all-in with the core game plus two expansions. The add-ons include a playmat, and the option to replace some of the cardboard tokens with minis.

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Our preview post below was published on October 31.


Superhero action co-op Hour of Need by Adam and Brady Sadler is set in their new Modern-day Saga Comics universe. Players will be using the Sadlers' Modular Deck System, where they pick a hero, a villain and a setting (called "issues" this time around) and use their unique decks to act out a story.

All kind of comic book heroes and tropes have been thrown into a blender, so that will make for a nice guessing game during the campaign. You'll be able to play Micro-Guy who shrank after one of his scientific experiments went wrong, and who built himself an armoured suit. Stride, the woman who cured her invalid legs with some alien device that gave her the ability to move fast as lightning. Guerilla, the super-soldier that the military experimented on. Majesty, the superwoman that got her powers when she was possessed by a spirit of hope and positivity. And that's just the heroes from the core game.

Gameplay will be familiar to players of Street Masters or Brook City, and supposedly a session will be shorter than in those games.

Image source: Blacklist Games website

The Kickstarter campaign goes live on 5 November. It will also feature two standalone expansions (each of which can even be used to expand Hour of Need into a six-handed solo game).

Image source: Blacklist Games website
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