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Dungeon Universalis is live (Super mega dungeon crawler)

Update: Dungeon Universalis is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 25 days. You may pledge for the update pack only if you already have the game, or go just for the expansions, or both. Otherwise, you can order this revised edition of Dungeon Universalis with or without its expansions and miniatures.

Our preview post below was published on September 23.


Dungeon Universalis is a 1-6 player dungeon crawl game that supports one vs. many, solo and cooperative modes. The Kickstarter campaign on September 24 is for the revised edition of the base game and 3 expansions.

Image source: BGG

In the solo/co-op mode, you are playing against the Dark Player AI that comes with its own card deck and special die. You may choose to play individual scenarios or a campaign. The game is chock-full of components: 41 double-sided tiles with extra tiles for furniture and props, 318 standees of playable characters (heroes, enemies and NPCs of different races and classes), and lots of skills, weapons, items, relics, events, locations, and spell cards. You can also create your own scenarios and even incorporate scenarios from other games.

Image source: BGG

According to Geek Gamers, "this game is like a puppy: it's appealing, it's frustrating, it takes more time than you think it will, it's for dog lovers only and not even all of them. When it makes a mess all over your living room, you may regret getting it but in the end, as you're playing with it, you realize there's nothing quite like it".

The new edition will have a revised rulebook that reduces the complexity of the game. Returning backers will be able to pledge for an update pack.

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