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Su mesa es mi mesa

Once upon a long, long time ago the 1 Player Guild was formed on Board Game Geek. Originally a place to hang out for fans of the 1 Player Podcast, it quickly became popular for anybody interested in solo games. One hundred months ago, guild manager Albert Hernandez started a list for session reports. He thought it would be a fun thing to do once a year, but The People overruled this and just kept posting. So every month since then a 1 Player Guild member volunteers to host the month's list. It's called Solitaire Games on Your Table.

This month your favourite monkey is hosting: Solitaire Games on Your Table - August 2021. I'd love you to drop by and post a session report of a game you played. Perhaps you can copy a report from the Lounge and kill two birds with one stone.

By the way, this is how my table looks at the moment. A shelf is close to collapsing...

Theme of this month is "ЯƎVISIT - Or: back to where it all began". I am curious if together we will be able to play those games that were also featured 100 months ago, in May 2013. I just own a handful of them. It would be nice to see reports on some older games.

The games that had the most reports back then, are Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game and Friday. Those I do own. As regular visitors of this website may remember, I play Friday often and everywhere.

Anyhow, like I said: please drop by!

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