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The Last Stronghold is a 1-2 players tower defense game set in the same Fantasy universe as The Hand of Destiny. In this game, you must defend the Kingdom of Lux against the forces of darkness. The Kickstarter campaign for The Hand of Destiny, The Last Stronghold and The Forgotten Road will go live on November 9.

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The goal of the game is to defend the capital city and the five surrounding locations with your party of four heroes against the incoming waves of monsters. Before starting the game, you must choose a Boss to stand against; there are three Bosses, of increasing difficulty level.

Each round, you first draw an enemy card and place it on the location specified by a letter. A location has a capacity of two enemies. Beyond this limit, any newly spawned enemy inflicts one damage to the location, and then tries to settle on a free location by moving clockwise, damaging all full locations in its path. Once a location gets destroyed, the damage inflicted to the location goes straight to the capital instead, and the enemy gets automatically discarded afterwards.

Next, you can try to fend off the spread of these fiends. You can move your party in any location, and attempt to fight the monsters there by rolling three dice. Each enemy has a list of symbols: to defeat it, you must match these symbols with the dice results. Some dice symbols may also be used for other purposes, like unlocking a chest at the location or destroying a catapult, which damages the capital every turn if not dealt with. After rolling the dice, you can re-roll up to two of them. Then, if you want, you can spend acquired re-roll tokens, or tokens that add specific symbols. Defeating enemies may bring you gold with which you can buy valuable items at the Merchant, including the aforementioned tokens. To help you get the results you want, you may also exhaust a Hero to use their ability. Exhausting a hero flips the card over, revealing a new ability; if you use it as well, the Hero gets incapacitated. You lose the game if all Heroes are incapacitated (some enemies, when spawning, can incapacitate some of your Heroes). You also lose if the capital takes too many hits (depending on the difficulty level you choose).

Your goal is to defeat the invading Boss. If you succeed at this, you instantly win the game, even if there are still enemies left at the various locations: they flee in terror as soon as their leader falls down. If you want to twist the game a bit, you can play the 2 player mode two-handed, in which you split the four heroes into two different parties that can be moved separately and take turns in alternation.

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Nov 09, 2021
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