Solotober 2021 - week #2

Yes, I'm still playing a different solo game every day for Solotober 2021. It's just been hard to find the time to report. So without further ado, here's week 2.

October 11: Gate

Gate will go to our news writer Zerbique, after he's moved at the end of the year. I love the illustrations, but gameplay does not expand much upon the similar Wipers Salient that I prefer to play. I mainly played this to get a good look at the cards again. And nothing's changed - once it's gone I won't miss it.

October 12: Under Falling Skies

I really liked the Print and Play version, and I must say the retail one looks great and adds a lot of variety. Once you've reached the highest difficulty level of a city it's not much fun anymore, as you really need to be lucky with your dice rolls then. But right up until then it's a very nice dice allocation game.

October 13: Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe [SHELF OF SHAME]

Ooh. Ehm. 😬

So, I enjoyed Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America (at the highest difficulty level). And this map is Europe. And it adds mutations, which is not only eerily timed, but also something I enjoy in for example Pandemic: The Cure - Experimental Meds. And there are nice new roles, that I recognise from other Pandemic boxes. All great in theory.

But I did not enjoy my play. There was not much excitement. Perhaps that's because I used the official solo variant. I'll try the game again as a coop, so with two or three characters that each have their own hand of cards.

October 14: Herbaceous

As I was packing for a vacation, I did not have much time to play. Herbaceaous to the rescue. You can always play that one. I scored 58 points, and was given the title "True Green Thumb Harvester". My real-life plants don't agree, but hey, escapism for the win.

October 15: Marvel Champions

I started my vacation playing two packs that had just arrived: War Machine vs The Hood. I had a good time. I love this game, and I haven't scratched the surface (I have hardly started deck construction). A lot of creativity went into the Hero Packs they're all thematic and play differently. Normally I don't care too much for the villains (I can easily play the same enemy 100 times), but this one