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Solitaire Times, they are a-changing

It's been a long time coming, so to most of you this won't be a surprise. We cannot keep up the website according to our vision. Solitaire Times was meant to be a daily newspaper, but after two years, life got in the way. Athena got a demanding job, JW a demanding illness. We've gradually run out of time and energy. So what do you do when you get sad and frustrated because you can't meet your goals week in week out? You lower them, that's what!

Image source: BGG (Agricola)

Here's the plan.

  • Instead of daily posts about every single crowdfunding campaign, we'll do an overview announcement of all campaigns for the coming week.

  • We will still put some of those campaigns in the spotlight, but they will be our personal picks.

  • If publishers or designers don't say how the solo mode for a game works, we won't go searching for hours anymore. Perhaps we'll mention the game in the Lounge, perhaps we won't bother. These games won't have any priority.

  • We'll get back to writing more personal posts again, even if this means one less news post that week. So, our musings and session reports will return.

We're glad Zerbique will continue to be our newshound, and hope our dear readers will keep sharing in the Lounge.

In short: we won't be your source for daily news anymore. Just like we weren't the last few weeks. But this time that's going to be exactly according to plan. We've got a new mission statement. We'll put the fun back in malfunctioning. Embracing our imperfection.

Solitaire Times, forever changing, always the same.

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