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Three Sisters is live (Sister crops)

Update: Three Sisters is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 23 days. You may pledge for a copy of the game. A hand-made prototype signed by the creators is also available.

Our preview post below was published on March 4.


Three Sisters is a 1-4 player roll 'n' write game about cultivating crops in your garden and selling them in the local market. Players familiar with Fleet: The Dice Game by the same designers will find here the same level of complexity. It will launch on Kickstarter on March 9.

Image source: Kickstarter notification

Three Sisters is inspired by the agricultural system of growing corn, beans and squash in the same field. Your garden also has an orchard and an apiary. You start the game with a double player sheet that shows your backyard, an extra board that shows an action rondel and the farmer's market, and 4 dice (for a 2 player game). In the solo mode, you have to tolerate Farmer Edith who tends to interfere with your crops.

The game is played over 8 rounds, and each round has 3 phases: Planning, Gardening, and Event. In the Planning phase, you will roll your dice and group results of the same value (e.g. all the 2s together etc.). Then, you place the dice on the action rondel in ascending order. The first space on the rondel starts with the Farmer Edith pawn on it. As soon as the final die is placed, you move Edith in the action spot right after the last die.

Image source: screenshot from Boardgames and Bourbon video preview

In the Gardening phase, you and Edith will each choose two dice from the rondel and perform the associated Garden action and Rondel action. You go first in odd rounds, and Edith is first in even rounds (there are rules for how she selects her dice). The Garden actions let you Plant crops and Water them. The Rondel actions allow you to Plant crops or Water them, Take one Shed item, Fill in your Compost and 4 Goods track, Fill in your Fruit or Apiary track, or go to the Farmer's Market. When Edith takes her actions, she crosses off sections on your own scoresheet thus making them unavailable to you.

In the Event phase, you resolve the effects of the current event as indicated by the current round. Edith does not. At the end of the game, you calculate your score and check the scoring table to see how well you did.

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