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Sign o' the Times - JW's Top Solo Games in 20/20

Every year solo gamers are asked to send in their twenty all time favourite games, so a Top-200 can be compiled. You'll find my selection below, and an extended version with even more games, words and music videos on BoardGameGeek.

When I was at school, they taught us that history books always tell us as much about the time they were written in, as about the time they are describing. And, looking back, yes: the solo top-20 below could not have been made in any other year.

It is my contribution to the People Choice Top Solo Games 2020, as compiled by Kevin Erskine. It is not objective, it is not about the greatest games ever. It's influenced by what is happening in the world and how it affected me.

Protests in Hong Kong. Protests in Belarus. Protests all over the world because Black Lives Matter. Drought in Southern Africa. Locusts and flooding in East Africa. Flooding in Bangladesh. An overflowing refugee camp in Greece. The coronavirus all around the globe.

How can all this not affect me? How do you think I react? Exactly. I stick my old white male head deep in the sand. Escapism for the win. Let's talk board games, baby.

Oh yeah!

#20 Attack of the 50 Foot Colossi!

2019: -

2018: 11

2017: -

This is a very thematic game, about some trouble on the planet Graviton Prime. You play as marines, called in because miners on this planet are under attack from the indigenous life-forms. The rulebook has some nice flavour text on these Colossi. You really get to learn something about another culture, while wiping them out.