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Sickest Witch is live

The 1-6 player card and dice game Sickest Witch is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 21 days. You may either back at the PnP tier or get a physical copy of the game. The addition of the Sickest Wizard expansion is also available as a pledge option, and the Sickest Loot Crate gets you the game, the expansion, the PnP, extra dice, the company's previous RPGs, and a witch skull drawing.

Image source: BGG

In the solo mode of Sickest Witch, you pick a witch as your character, and a witch ability card. You separate the enemies according to their difficulty level, and set three level 1 enemies in front of you to attack first. Attacks are performed via dice rolls. You roll a D20 and try to beat the enemy's armor. If you miss, the enemy counter-attacks. If you roll a 20, you do double damage, and if you roll a 1, you can activate your witch ability. If the enemy rolls a 20, they do double damage to you, and if they roll a 1, they take damage. When you kill an enemy, you take their body parts which you can use as a spell in your next fight. You win if you take out all the enemies.

Image source: BGG

In the new solo story mode you have an apprentice with you, who is in need of training and at the same time is looking for revenge. The story mode also adds cards 'from the Invert' that you can draft to gain extra powers.

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