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Shake, rattle and roll

It's Dicember! The end-of-year challenge at Boardgamegeek where you have to play 15 unique dice games. I'm ready and rolling. Because I love dice.

Games need some randomness to make them more than mere puzzles. There are many solutions but dice are the best. Cards give the suggestion you could have played better. They make you feel stupid. Dice don't do that. They're not mean.

There are dice in all kinds of colours, with all kinds of prints. Such a joy to look at. It feels good to hold them in your hand and shake them and roll them. It's exciting to see what face will come up.

I love One Deck Dungeon where you level up your character during the game and get cool skills so you can make amazing dice manipulations and beat a mean boss.

I love Roll for the Galaxy where your dice are exploring, settling, conquering, producing and shipping out goods until you've got a great Space Empire spread out in front of you.

I love Elder Sign where a Knizia-improved Yahtzee-like matching game turns into an immersive and tight race against an Ancient One.

I love Black Orchestra where the tension builds up until you get to that one all-important dice roll that may change history for the better.

I love Warhammer Quest: The Card Game and Street Masters, with their exploding dice that let you do crazy things on your turn.

I love Pocket Landship with its quick playing thematic combination of luck and tactics.

I love dice games and I love Dicember. I'm miles high on my happy pills.

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