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Sexy Shelfie part 2

Okay, a few more shelfies per Cadet Stimpy's request once more!

This was the nucleus of my board game collection (upper shelf of my closet). But its contents have changed a lot so these are not my first games.

You can't tell, but it's quite deep, and inside it goes up to the ceiling. Of course it's super-practical to get a game... All my Root collection is there. Behind Little Monster is a huge pile of pocket-sized card games, mostly from Amigo. On the far right, you can see my collection of "Mini Iello" games. Good stuff!

Below you can see my two boxes of Puzzle Dungeon! And the official playmat I never used. All the Marvel books are Star Wars comics. On the lower right corner you may see a bit of Animal Kingdoms. I disliked the solo, so I hope to try it multiplayer soon enough to decide its fate. The series you see are mostly my wife's, but we did watch Big Bang Theory together. What you don't see is that the closet is actually full of plenty of other stuff (books, clothes, DVDs, all sort of mess) from the floor to the top.

Here, perched on the top of a shelf, are a few games I'd like to play very soon. You'll recognize most of them! In the cardboard box is Materia Prima, unplayable for me until they release the solo mode with the next expansion.

And last... This is more of a joke to show my "book shelves" and... hidden in this picture is an additional stash of games. Just under the computer desk, on top of the Harry Potter 3D puzzle (my wife's).

If you have a keen eye, you may spot the upgraded meeples for Rise of Tribes, Seikatsu, and the expansion for Warp's Edge (the base game sits under the desk, just alongside Under Falling Skies). Death Binder is under the desk as well. Just right of this picture is my sofa (that converts into a bed for people passing by), and under it, Bullet sleeps quietly like Cthulhu in R'lyeh. Not so quietly, it's being played a lot these days.

The final part of my collection is lurking in other cardboard boxes, right under my bed. That includes Albion's Legacy, Dark Venture, Dragonfire and Jetpack Joyride. But I won't show you a picture of my bed, that would be quite pointless.

I have way more books than games. But games tend to claim more room.

These two stacks of books (one for me, one for my wife) are actually books I have found for free on a "throw away the books you don't want" pick-up spot near my house. The unfortunate thing is that it's right between my place and the underground station I use to go to work. Just this morning I found four books of medieval literature (I think I have one already, I will check that tonight). But since they are "chance" encounters, I read them when I need a "filler" in my reading schedule*. So I just pick one of the few on the top of the pile.

As for the wall clock... That's my wife's. Yes, it goes counter clock-wise. I'm used to it, I even like it, it forces you to switch from your automatic habits. But it drives my mother crazy when she visits us.

*My reading schedule is as follows: each month, I read three books. Two novels (usually Sci-Fi/Fantasy), one in French, one in English, and one non-fiction (or early literature). These books are usually planned months in advance and I have a dedicated shelf for that (shared with my wife who also follows her own ternary schedule, French-Spanish-English). This month I have already read The Daughter of Agamemnon by Kadare (fiction, French translation), I'm reading Huon de Bordeaux right now (it's very entertaining and is a novel in its own right but since it's medieval literature it counts in the non-fiction category), and then I was supposed to read a Young Adult Dark Crystal novel (Shadows of the Dark Crystal). Since I may have more time left than expected I might go with a longer one though.

Then, when some books are too big, it's hard to read them when I'm queuing somewhere, or when the underground is too full of people, or when I'm walking. So I usually have a small book to fit in my satchel. That's where the fillers come in.

That's the end of the tour! I hope it was fun!

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