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Sexy Shelfie

A few days ago I had promised Cadet Stimpy to show him pictures of my 1000+ games collection. Here they are.

First, you must leave my apartment, go to the basement of my building, and venture into this corridor that is suspiciously reminiscent of a secret Soviet facility.

And here we are! Behind that door lies a realm of wonders!

Actually, you can't go in. Too much stuff already. So on your immediate left, you may find, on top of boxes for baby stuff, some of my games, including the respectable World of Warcraft, including all the contents of the coveted Burning Crusade expansion inside (I also have the Shadow of War expansion, new in shrink, but in French). Of course I've never played it but it's one of the "prize" pieces of my collection. And it was expensive to get.

You can also see Delve (in bubble wrap), a Star Wars Knizia game, and next to Fabled Fruit (I got it recently because it was heavily on sale), Paper Tales and its expansion (also new in shrink). In the bottom of the picture, there is a crate with games (bought second-hand for the most part) that I won't detail because it would spoil a secret project of mine. You can also see Ice Cool and Equinox (a re-implementation of a Knizia game; I already owned Colossal Arena and Galaxy The Dark Ages, two of the previous implementation of this game).

Behind the big "JANE" cardboard box, there is another column of cardboard boxes, full of games and medieval literature, including the Hexplore It series, the Dwarves game with all expansions, and the two Legends Untold games. In one of the boxes in precarious balance, there is Zoo-ography, a Kickstarter I had waited for three years, that has finally arrived in the past month.

So now please look at the other side...

Plenty of games in these boxes (and a giant 2 kg ball). The Aventuria expansions (those I bought from JW and two more), the Dungeon Mayhem series, A Thief's Fortune, are there, and on top of these boxes, please notice the yellowish box that is half-hidden is Demonslayer, a game I bought for two reasons: I like the Chinese-inspired artwork, and there is no loss condition in the solo mode: you always win eventually. I had always wanted games like that.

Are we done? Not quite. If you were able to move past the piles obstructing your way, you would discover... more piles!

The two upper "Harmony" boxes are empty, but behind these are plenty of games, including Imperium: The Contention, Apex Theropod, plenty of Knizia (Through the Desert, Yellow & Yangtze, Taj Mahal, Whale Riders, etc.), Nexus Ops (Avalon Hill edition), Elder Sign and all its expansions, Friday, Finished, Jump Drive, Ducks in Tow, Thunderstone: Numenera, and many more!

Behind this pile is then a shelf (I couldn't get to that). In that shelf, there is a "Knizia" area (Ra, Tigris & Euphrates, Lord of the Rings and all expansions, the three Hobbit games, the two Beowulf ones, etc.). On the shelf below that is an "adventure games" area: Runebound 2nd edition and all expansions, Runebound 3rd edition and all expansions, Pathfinder, DungeonQuest, Mistfall, Heart of the Mists, Of Dreams & Shadows and expansion, Mage Knight Ultimate Edition, War for Indagar, and the biggest game box in my collection, Claustrophobia 1643 (at least, if I believe what is written on the giant cardboard box that I once received but never opened). As you can presume, it's very easy to pick them up so they get played on a regular basis.

And that's it! Thanks for visiting my glamorous game shelves!

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1 Comment

The Hank
The Hank
Jun 09, 2021

Something different than a Kallax...😉

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