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Sex and Drugs and Rome and Roll is live

Update: Rome and Roll has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 24 days. There are pledges for four different languages (English, German, Spanish, French), so you can back the version you understand best.

Our Preview post below was published on October 4.


A heavy roll and write civ building game will hit Kickstarter on 10 October. Think Roll through the Ages: The Iron Age but way less abstract. In Rome & Roll Nero asks you to rebuild Rome after some unfortunate accident burnt the place down. You pick a character class with its own strengths and weaknesses for the many ways to success. Game play has you rolling custom dice, then drafting and allocating them to draw buildings on a map. Trade and conquest may also score you points.

Rome & Roll box cover (work in progress)
Image source: BGG game page

This being a Kickstarter campaign, there will be exclusive miniatures for the player roles. So who knows. There may be stretch goals turning it into a narrative campaign, with a professional television actor reading out Robert Graves' I, Claudius before sessions.

Kickstarter exclusive miniatures
Image source: PSC Games Facebook page

Very immersive. And while your minis are doing all the hard rebuilding work, Nero's rocking his lyre.

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