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Settlers of Cooper Island

I am posting about the 2-4 player tile and worker placement game Cooper Island, because it is about to receive a solo mode. If you happen to visit Essenspiel, Frosted Games will have a deck of 24 cards for solo play available for free, if you purchase the game. Otherwise, you may order the German edition online from the company's website, or wait for retail if you need it in English. Capstone Games will have it on their website for US customers.

In Cooper Island, which owes its name to the captain's dog (your dog), you begin with your ship harboured in one of the four peninsulas. You can use your workers to cultivate the land, extract resources, erect buildings, and most importantly, sail around the island, as this is going to give you 'helm points' and ease your way to victory. The round surface at the centre of the board (the centre of the island) works as an action-taking space as well. The most efficient colonist wins in the end. The solo expansion is called 'solo against Cooper'.

Image source: BGG

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