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Deep Space D6: Armada is live (Rolling in the Deep Space)

Update: Deep Space D6: Armada has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 22 days. There is only one pledge tier and no stretch goals (the designer may add a few component upgrades after funding).

Our preview post below was published on December 29.


The sold-out solitaire dice game Deep Space D-6 will get a successor in co-op Deep Space D-6: Armada. It's a new stand-alone game, based on the same mechanics. It features all new artwork and has some nice components like recessed boards for the starships.

Gameplay will be familiar for players of the predessor. You pick a starship for your adventure. Five basic dice are your crew, but this time there are over 30 special hero dice in the box. Then you'll get in combat, go on away missions, upgrade your ship, hire some of these heroes. All the while trying to survive threats and events, to finally face the leader of the regime you're opposing.

Image source: Kickstarter preview page

The game has been talked about since early 2017. Last month designer Tony Go announced the Kickstarter campaign "before the end of the year" and he made it just in time. You can take a look at the preview page right now, the campaign will launch on 31 December.

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