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Rolling for the Galaxy

(Update: One Deck Galaxy launch date is now January 21).

The civilization building game One Deck Galaxy may share some mechanics with One Deck Dungeon but it is not a simple reskin. This time you'll use your dice to discover technologies, reach milestones and claim colonies. You won't be facing an end boss, but an adversary will be working against you all the time.

You can play as one of four civilizations with their specific starting dice, tech and milestone to reach. You'll combine it with one of four society types that will bring more milestones and techs to unlock. When you reach a milestone, you'll be able to colonize further - it's like levelling up.

The one deck you'll be going through a few times during the game has both location cards and encounters. You will try to complete location cards to gain them as colonies, expanding your federation and bringing more dice to roll. You'll also try to complete the encounters though, before their effects will work against you. Tough choices.

There will be three adversaries in the box, each with their own rules and two difficulty settings. At the end of each turn, the adversary will work towards its goal and try to defeat you. Though you can also lose if you've run out of cards to explore while still not having completed your federation.

The Kickstarter campaign for One Deck Galaxy will go live on 7 January.

Image source: game page on BGG

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