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Roll 'n' write in Troyes

Troyes Dice is a 1-10 player roll 'n' write game set in the Medieval city of Troyes, like the dice allocation game Troyes by the same creators. It was released in stores worldwide on October 16 except in the US, where it is released today.

Image source: BGG

In Troyes Dice, you will be managing matters of the land, the city and the church. The game takes place over 8 rounds (days), divided in morning and afternoon. You start with 3 different resources on your writing pad: 3 influence, 3 deniers, and 3 knowledge. You will roll one black and 3 transparent dice, and place them in the 4 morning slots of the city wheel from lowest value to highest. The black die destroys the part of the city on which it lands. Then, you select one of the transparent dice and take the action associated with the colour of the disc it sits on: red for royal, white for religious, and yellow for civic actions. The higher the value of the die, the higher the cost of taking the action.

Image source: BGG

To perform actions, you first pay their cost and then either gain the resource associated with the colour you chose (e.g. gain knowledge if you chose the die on the white disc), or construct either a prestige or a work building. Prestige buildings are the Fortress, the Great Hall, and the Cathedral. Each of them gives you a bonus when you build it. The Fortress in particular, protects from futute attacks by the black die. After the 3rd round, the black die not only destroys a part of the wheel, it also attacks one of your dice on the scoresheet. But if you have built a Fortress around that die on your sheet, it is protected. Work buildings are the Count's Palace, the City Hall, and the Bishopric. These buildings give you citizens of the associated colour. When you have enough citizens, you gain points and also bonuses, like immediately constructing a prestige building.

In the solo game, you will try to succeed in the scoring challenges included in the rulebook. You can also find more challenges posted by the designers in the files section of the game's page on BGG.

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