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Rome & Roll: Gladiators is an expansion for the 1-4 player roll 'n' write game Rome & Roll. It will launch on Kickstarter on January 19.

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In the solo mode of the base game, you will choose one of the (asymmetric) characters to play, and compete against the Seneca AI. Your goal is to construct buildings, trade resources, form political alliances and renovate the road network. Seneca doesn't construct buildings but he takes blueprint cards and dice, builds roads and conquers settlements. On each turn, you will draft dice and take actions so that you can beat Seneca's final score.

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The Gladiators expansion introduces gladiatorial games on the Colosseum sideboard. Emperor Nero has asked you to host the games, so you have to find the resources to build the arenas and the training schools, and then assign gladiators to fight. The expansion also includes new blueprint cards, new advisors, Nero's bonus cards, and a new character class, the Rudiarius: a retired gladiator who has earned their freedom.

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