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Revised core sets for Shadows of Brimstone

Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients and Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death, the two core sets with which the Shadows of Brimstone saga begins, have now been revised and improved. Both are available to order from the Flying Frog Productions store and will eventually hit retail.

Image source: FFP store website

The first significant change is the quality of the miniatures. Though still in sprues, they now come in fewer pieces, and the sculpts are more varied and detailed (e.g. the undead prospector mini now has a hole in his belly). The new miniatures will also be sold separately, so that owners of the game(s) won't have to repurchase the whole sets if they don't wish to.

All cards have received a mark that designates whether they belong to the Swamps or the Ancients set. The starting upgrades and skill trees of the heroes have been re-balanced. The rulebook for each core set now includes details that were previously found in the Adventure book, while the Adventure books have been enriched with painting guides for all the minis. Map tiles are mostly the same. The Swamps of Jargono and the Targa Plateau both received a few new item cards and a couple of new encounter cards. Some additional tokens have been thrown in as well, for items you can acquire during a Town visit.

Image source: FFP store website

An upgrade kit with all the printed components that are mechanically different will be made available through the FFP store. The designers have stated that Shadows of Brimstone expansions will not be similarly retouched.

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