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Recycling plastic (CMON Time Machine is live)

Art books and soundtracks. Ask anyone. What is it you liked most about a Kickstarter campaign? Art books and soundtracks, every single time. So it is sad when you missed out on a popular campaign, or if that campaign did not include those items in the first place. CMON fixes this today with their Time Machine. You can buy those precious items, plus most of the original Kickstarter exclusives of three previous campaigns, of which Zombicide: Green Horde is soloable.

The Kickstarter campaign will run for 4 days. If the chance to get those add-ons and stretch goals of yore won't cause enough fear of missing out, CMON added "extremely limited quantities of extras" from other campaigns to the Pledge Manager. Like promo cards for Xenoshyft, Massive Darkness or Masmorra. So people should jump at them if only to try and re-sell them later. You can buy up to 5 copies, and if you pledge for a full game during the campaign (so like in the next 30 minutes), you'll be given a 48 hours headstart.

Zombicide: Green Horde is a cooperative game where you fight zombie orcs in a medieval setting. Kickstarter exclusive abominations have risen from their graves and most extra survivors are back in town as well.

And yes, Kickstarter is a store.

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Sep 26, 2019

For EU CMON fans, this is a disaster. It dangles carrots in front of them, then asks them to pay for customs.


If you're a CMON fan this is probably great.

To me it feels like "dance, dance for my amusement you pitiful wretches".

— RogerBW / Firedrake

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