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Puzzle Dungeon is live (Puzzle Dungeon is back)

Update: Puzzle Dungeon launched a bit earlier than expected, and the campaign will run for 20 days. If you already own the previously released Deluxe edition, you may back for just the new stuff. There is a similar pledge option for owners of the standard base game. If you are new to the game, you may go for the all-in option or choose the PnP alternative. If you wish to create a custom card, you can do so by selecting this option and adding the cost of any other pledge to it.

Our preview post below was published on August 28.


Puzzle Dungeon is a solitaire dungeon crawl card game. The Kickstarter campaign is for the reprint of the Deluxe edition, and it will launch on September 1.

Image source: BGG

In Puzzle Dungeon, you first shuffle and arrange the monsters in 4 columns of 5 monsters each. You also pick your hero and start with a hand of 6 cards. In front of you, you will also have an 'arsenal' of 6 cards which you can use to assist yourself while fighting. The win condition for each hero is shown on their card: for example, the Warrior wins if he kills four humanoids, two terrors and two undead. You must reach the hero's goal before your run out of cards.

On each round, you will spend cards from your hand and possibly the arsenal to meet the extermination condition of a monster. Once the monster is taken out, you trigger its effect, and can use it on a later round as part of your weapons. When the third monster of the same type is killed, the fourth one is flipped to its monster king side and a nasty effect takes place. Both hero and monster cards are double-sided, so you can play on advanced level if you wish.

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