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Block and Key is live (Puzzle Blocks)

Update: Block and Key has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 21 days. There is only one pledge tier that gets you a copy of the game.

Our preview post below was published on February 13.


Block and Key is a 1-4 player 3D puzzle game in which you are an adventurer trying to complete quests. It will launch on Kickstarter on February 17.

Image source: BGG

To start the game, you first have to fit the cardboard pieces together to make the two-level construction that serves as the board. You place the Sun and Moon decks of cards at the bottom level, and the core cube on a spot at the top level depending on the player count. Then, you seed the excavation site (bottom level) with polyomino blocks. You receive a hand of 2 Star cards (easy), one Sun card (medium), and one Moon card (hard), as well as an Enigma card that gives you a scoring goal.

Image source: BGG

On your turn, you can take any row or column of blocks from the bottom level, refilling with new ones from the supply, or you can place one block from your pool onto the top level. When placing a block, you have to follow specific rules: the new block has to either touch another block corner-to-corner, or, if you wish a side of your block to touch the side of another block, yours has to be one cube taller than the one it is touching. Your aim is to complete the shapes that you see in your hand of cards.

In the solo game, you will be playing 11 turns, and compare your score to the given table to see how well you did.

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