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Armata Strigoi is the title of a song by the power metal band Powerwolf. You can now find a board game by the same name at your local game store, and experience the harmony of listening to the band's music while you send its members to slay some vampires.

Armata Strigoi is a 2-5 player cooperative adventure game (it can be played solo double-handed). You control a group of Armenian werewolves who set out to attack the vampire Strigoi of Wallachia and his partner in their castle residence. Both vampires have to be killed in order to win. Each werewolf has his own action cards, and skills and weapons can be obtained along the way. When the team collects the required Blood points by killing some foes, they can proceed to the castle. If one vampire is exterminated, the other becomes stronger, and at the same time the building begins to crumble thus making the wolves' task even more difficult.

The game also comes in a collector's edition with prepainted minis, but you may have to inquire at the publisher for availability.

Image source: Scribabs Facebook page

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