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The Dead Eye is live (Post-vision)

Update: The Dead Eye has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 28 days. Besides the standard edition, there is also a Deluxe one with a 'making of' book and alternative box cover. The Art pledge tier gets you the Deluxe edition plus an art print, and the XEK pledge will get your name in the rulebook credits. You may also opt for just the PnP.

Our preview post below was published on May 22.


The Dead Eye is a solitaire post-apocalyptic card game best experienced by wearing 3D-effect glasses. It will launch on Kickstarter on May 28. (Postponed to June 4).

Image source: BGG

In The Dead Eye, your goal is to go through three consecutive runs and reach a 'Safe Havn' Destination in each of them. If you wish, you can save your progress when you complete a run, and continue at a later time.

The game comes with four decks of cards: a) the player's draw deck that consists of Encounter cards, b) the Story deck that contains Destination cards, c) the Strength deck, and d) the Hope deck. On each turn, you will first check the topmost card of the Story deck, to see if its 'reveal' condition is met. If it is, you flip a Destination card face up and place it in the Target Zone on the main board. Next, if the Encounter slot on the board is empty, you either fill it with a Destination card or place a card from your draw deck.

Image source: BGG

Destination cards require you to have a certain amount of points to be able to beat them. If you placed a card from your draw deck in the Encounter slot, you check of there is a good or bad Outcome on the card and resolve it. To resolve the Outcomes, you check the Heat or Juice symbol limit of the card and compare it with the symbols you may have stacked. A build-up of Heat symbols is bad, a build-up of Juice symbols is good. Some Outcomes force you to discard Strength or Hope cards. If you ever run out of either Strength or Hope, you fail the run.

Other Outcomes allow you to keep the Encounter card (it may be 'Partz' or give you points). If there is no Outcome in the Encounter card, you decide whether you want to face the Encounter or Evade it. If you evade, you either return the card to the Destination slot in the Target Zone, or add it to the Heat or Juice stack. If you face it, you add a card from the draw deck to the Heat or Juice stack.

If you succeed in the run, you remove some of the cards played and continue with the next run. If you fail, you just reset and try again.

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