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Pirate Fables

Forgotten Waters is a 3-7 player game of pirate adventuring that also supports solo play via an app. It is now available for pre-order through the Plaid Hat Games website. Official release in the US will be on April 10.

Image source: BGG

In the solo mode, you have to control a crew of four pirates, each with their own characteristics. The pirates are working together to complete the given adventure but each of them gains stars over the course of the game. These will determine how well each pirate did in the end. Forgotten Waters is fully app-assisted. The app provides the scenarios as well as narration of the various events. Gameplay takes place both on a spiral notebook (location book) and on a map board.

Each round consists of three phases: Planning phase, Action phase, and End of Round phase. During the planning phase, you will have to place your pirate standees on the action spaces of your choice within the time-frame set by the app timer. Then, actions are resolved and you execute any given end-of-round instructions. When the game asks you to do a skill check, you roll a D12 and modify the result according to the filled-in boxes on the pirate sheet (for every successful check, you fill in a box). Various game effects will also change the status of the ship. You win, if you fulfill the objective required by the scenario, and lose if you drown, if there is a mutiny, or if you reach the last threat level.

Image source: BGG

You may check the list of rules changes for solo play in this BGG thread.

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