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Peak Oil Profiteer is live

Peak Oil Profiteer is a 1-5 player area control economic game in which you play as an oil company executive. Your goal is to gain the most profit from an oil-rich country plagued by civil war and corruption.

It is now live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 20 days. You may pledge for a copy of the game, or get it together with Peak Oil and the Spillover expansion. You may also choose to have your name on a 'dollar bill' and receive an art poster, or name one of the companies in the game and have New World Order added to your total pledge.

Image source: BGG

In Peak Oil Profiteer, you will first choose the corporation that you will be playing as. You start with five action cards and 5 million dollars. You also take one political leader token, of the faction that you have sided with: the Government, the National Liberation Front, or the Guerilla Militia. At the beginning of each round, you flip one card from the Contingency deck and, if it's an Event, you execute its instructions. If it's a Consultant, the card remains on the table, available to hire later if you wish.

Then, you select an action card from your hand and place it face-down in front of you. When every player has chosen theirs, the number 1 cards are revealed first, and executed, then the 2s, and so on. The actions you can perform are: Networking, Sell Weapons, Buy Drilling Rights, Sell Oil, and Contingency.

Networking allows you to bribe and blackmail political leaders. Sell Weapons earns you money by selling guns to one of the three factions. Troops of that faction will spawn on a map location they control, and a die will be rolled to determine where the troops move to. If they land in the same territory as another faction, they wipe each other out. Buy Drilling Rights gives you official permission to drill. Sell Oil lets you take advantage of the drilling rights you acquired, and sell the oil to the market. The Contingency action allows you to hire consultants, or use an one-time Event action. You win if you have the most money at game's end, that is, when corruption reaches its peak.

Image source: BGG

In the solo mode, you will single out the Consultant cards that show a car, and use them as the Contingency deck (all other Events and Consultants are removed). You can play against any of the available corporations (they scale in difficulty): each of them has its own deck and plays a little differently. On each round, after you pick your action, your opponent will take their actions: it sells weapons, blackmails a leader, and draws a card and takes an additional action. Then you can perform your own action. When corruption peaks, the game ends: if you have 100 million dollars, you win.

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1 Comment

Cadet Stimpy
Cadet Stimpy
Jun 15, 2021

"Your goal is to gain the most profit from an oil-rich country plagued by civil war and corruption." Yeah, take advantage of 'em while they're in turmoil - just like real life! 😄

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